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The results are in and the feedback I received all gravitated toward submitting The C Word.

Interesting choice for the suggestion given that I have never written another blog like this. I remember writing this post on a beautiful, cloudless, day, in Bryant Park, and thinking I was completely nuts.


It was all I could think of to uphold the honesty of everything that was happening. As a writer, I found it embarrassing that I was unable to identify the emotions surrounding me. As often as they appeared, you would think that I should have been able to understand them.

But I didn't.

Instead, I had to settled for revealing what the emotions did and not what they were.

Looking back, I can't believe I wrote The C Word to be perfectly honest with you - and glancing at it now, I bluntly absorb the words and think:

Boy, was I messed up!

Carrie Fisher once told Meryl Streep:

"Take a broken heart and turn it into art."

...I think I did that... And I'm glad I did that because it managed to get readers to reach out to provide input and through them, I was given a unique level of understanding that was lacking during that tumultuous time. And with that, it's understandable that these same individuals would encourage me to reach for the stars with this piece.

...But here is a little twist:

As much as I appreciate the feedback, I have taken it upon myself to also submit An Open Letter to the Art Students.

Woman nude modeling for students

Through this piece, I feel that I am passing the baton of understanding to those who are experiencing this particular chapter in their lives. It got me thinking:

Why not follow the art of the broken heart with a little wisdom?

This month, both have been submitted and are being reviewed by editors. I hope they continue on a broader path and inspire comfort to those who feel lost in the unknown.

We'll see what happens...

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