Sweet Dream, Hard Candy

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I dedicate this blog to my 7 year old self, who became enamoured by the idea of becoming an actress the moment Julia Roberts graced Steel Magnolias with her southern, endearing, presence...And my imagination didn't stop there...

Much needed, I was thrilled to see my Facebook status remind me that today was the one year anniversary of the first day of shooting my pilot "Tempt!". It was a morning like no other. Two years, before that day, my friend and I stumbled upon this idea when I stopped seeking the theatre life and decided to torture myself by having a "normal" life. What took place then, has put me in a place to discover my own analogy for my dreams coming true.

I have often heard the "impossible" referred to as "sweet dreams", "pipe dreams", even "wet dreams". For me and how I have come know my dreams, from birth to achievement, are almost exactly like recreating the act of consuming hard candy. To be more specific - a hard candy with a gooey warm center, sealed by a tooth destructive hard shell. "Tempt!" is the ultimate example for this analogy;

1) Candy wrapper - The vision that sparkles and glitters in the mind while imagining the delicious satisfaction that lies ahead. When my co-creator and I put our heads together to begin the treatments for the scripts, that was a thrilling piece, ready to be unwrapped.

2) Hard Candy Shell - Hard work this vision would entail. For all of the movement and effort to attempt to take that first bite, breaking down the texture took a lot of time and energy. For "Tempt!", first there were treatments to solidify the story line, then there were the many drafts and redrafts of the scripts, finding the solid cast and crew, finalizing the budget, fundraising, preparing the locations, schedules, call sheets, wardrobe, hair/makeup, props, the food - All of this had to be worked out before we could even think about what's to come when reporting to set.

3) Sinking My Teeth into Center Sweet Softness - There's a satisfaction when we are finally able to bite through the hard shell and indulge in the sweet, mushy, core (whether it's a taffy, tootsie roll, or bubble gum). That very first morning of filming was my first bite into the center sweetness of comfort. It was an indulgence like never before, to see those two years of hard work and preparation come to life - the softness revealed what life feels like when all of those efforts come together to pay off.

4) Satisfying After Taste - The most delicious, hard shell, candy, tends to have a lingering after taste that makes me glad I received the pleasure of consuming such an incredible morsel. Even after wrapping up the 48 hours of filming, the accomplishment was placing me in this euphoric mindset of feeling like I could do anything.

...So here we are, one year later and I will declare that, once again, I'm in possession of a second piece of hard candy. But this time, it's different; different flavor, different texture, I expect it to be just as satisfying as the last piece, but truthfully, I'm not so sure. The hard shell is really tough, but the willingness and longing to sink my teeth into it, lingers everyday. So while others can have their pipe dreams, sweet dreams, wet dreams, I will work through this hard candy, in silence, and know that it is just a matter of time before that tough shell begins to crack...

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