Survive To Thrive: Mom's Chicken Soup

Woman eating chicken soup to cure a cold

I dedicate this blog to my mother, who has shown me, through thick and thin, love and passion should never die, but should simply be the tools we use to thrive.

Well...not exactly the blog entry I was planning to post this week, but I'm sick so here we are...

When a time of need is pressured upon me to take drastic measures, I always turn to my mom's chicken soup. What do I mean by "pressured"? I mean pressured in every sense of the word...even beyond head congestion.

My mom gave me this recipe (unknowingly), when I was under a poverty stricken budget crunch of needing to live off of $20.00 for two weeks on food. For Los Angeles, her chicken soup advice always fell under $20.00 and seemed to last over two weeks as long as I kept half of the batch frozen for the following week.

"Just boil the whole chicken, with a diced onion, and a little salt for an hour and a half. Throw in a few diced carrots and stocks celery after you remove the chicken. Add the noodles and the diced pieces of chicken, cook until the noodles have softened." These words helped me thrive and built my pride. I will never forget the time she gifted me some money, which I used to train with Margie Haber (the top audition coach in Hollywood). Her money did not cover all of the costs, however, I realized that if I made chicken soup for a month and a half, my finances could cover the rest.

Once enrolled, I remember battling the LA traffic, creeping into Hollywood slowly, but surely, hoping I would have plenty of time to find a parking space. I would sprint up the stairs, into the lounge to microwave my soup. The warm, savory broth, hitting my throat would soothe me, allowing the stress of my restaurant job and the traffic to melt away. As I received my sides for the audition class, just ten minutes before start time, I would indulge in my soup, while reading my new lines and think "This is what it is all about."

Fast forward to present time and I happen to catch whatever my husband has been battling. After two days of our coughing and sneezing chorus, I had enough. I was putting an end to this once and for all,I was going to make my Mom's chicken soup!! And that, I did. And,to this day, my Mom's chicken soup still soothes me. And this is how I am spending Mother's Day... She may not be nearby, but her soup is comforting me in a time of need.

....To be continued & Happy Mother's Day, Mom

- Butterfly

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