Sparked: The "You never know..." Prologue

Woman with a sparkler

Originally, this was supposed to be one dedication, one message, one blog entry. But now with my notebook consumed by hours of documentation, I've come to the conclusion that many people and many moments are responsible for making this entry possible.

"You never know..." often words spoken from my parents, back in Texas when I informed them of my latest adventures. Normally, they would use this phrase when encouraging me to professionally network within my chosen industry because "you never know who will discover you."

Deep down, I always thought this phrase was just a load of crap they needed to feed me whenever I was feeling down. In this day and age, and industry, there's no such thing as a "surprise guest appearance" or a "new discovered talent" . Thanks to social media and being so engulfed by our technology outlets, a person can't even walk into a room without posting their current location and the exact objective they wish to accomplish. So why not feel this way?

However, as of lately, the phrase "you never know..." has been haunting me at a much deeper level, transforming my outlook into a personal development rather than a professional one.

Time is flying, risks are being taken, and like the sparks pictured in these moments, they are flying off the grid when ignited.

Woman with 2 sparklers

This is probably the most daring risk I have taken with my blog and I can no longer turn a blind eye on the subchapters that have emerged from my past to solidify my present. There are three sparks that are currently at play. One is transforming my awareness. One is showing my ability to grow. One is recalling a past that is guiding me in more ways than I ever knew possible.

"You never know..." - Reflecting on the change, the growth and everything coming full circle is something definitely worth the chronicles I will be sharing and a love worth exploring of the self and others as the summer sparks continue to fly.

-Flying through the night to shine that golden light

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