One Year Later...

Today is the one year anniversary and I am having mixed feelings with this blog. I look back and say "Wow, look at what all prevailed!" and at the same time I tend to say, "I could have created more, I could have done better."

...One year...a lot happens in one year, especially during an awkward transition and now I can say that this butterfly had the chance to fly and she took it. Like the very first entry, this entire journey was exciting, scary and, sometimes, not so pleasant, but at the end of the day, it all amounted to one thing... was rewarding.

One year later, I start to see how everything does fall into place as long as I listen to my gut and continue to take those chances.

Butterfly <---(Please click to view the first blog before reading any further.)

I went from declaring my liberation to being lost and doubtful, which has lead me to the abundance of opportunity that I need to manage with a great level of care.


Maybe that was what this journey was all about...Art and life cannot be in the making without care.


That, I am finding, is the key ingredient to a successful outlet that allows the universe to play a role in helping all of us find fulfillment.

One year later...I need to be where I am now to know that I can grow above and beyond what I have only imagined. I, now, lie lifeless on the couch, not from exhaustion stemming from illness, frustration, and self-abandonment, but from the abundance...It is a journey I have never endured before...

Six months ago, I went from looking at my agendas, feeling the road blocks with every attempted effort, and saying to myself:

*What am I doing?!

*This isn't working!

And now the conversations with myself seem a little different these days:

*I've got to do this assignment!

*I'm passionate about this!

*I have got to give So-and-So a call!

*I've got to finish this project!

*So-and-so and I need to finish this development!

*I need to start this treatment!

*I need to establish the date to shoot the "Tempt!" Writing Campaign!

*So-and-So wrote some interesting feedback regarding the last blog entry and I need to respond!

*I've got to email my besties, back, I miss them!

*The schedule for the show just came in and I need to start memorizing lines!

*So-and-So wants to get together for a music study session.

*I need to touch base with some friends I haven't seen in a while!

...As exhausted as I am, I couldn't be more thankful.

And who would have thought this newness would happen all because of one decision, one journey, and one blog to reveal it all.

One year later, I am not the same and neither is my life. This journey will now cover the art of attempting to manage to the good fortune of my work without sacrificing the quality. And already, I can tell it won't be easy.


Because, now, every aspect of my life has been rewarding to the point where I need to continuously, and deeply, provide the most valuable asset I can offer...

- Butterfly

P.S. If you have any advice or feedback, please send me a message on the Home page or write to me at .

- Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me.

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