Moments Captured: Festivities at Play

Yes, Halloween came and went in NYC. And for us, it is always a joy to carve our pumpkin. However, my favorite tradition usually arrives after the pumpkin carving .... it's all about the seeds!

Lightly brushed with olive oil, over a tin foil covered baking sheet, pop them in a pre-heated 400 degree oven until golden brown. Voila, they are amazing!

As for partaking in any of the creepy, cooky, festivities, I must admit, it came a little early for me this year. Especially since seeing "Sleep No More" and knowing that the hotel has quite the haunting history...

However, my husband and I did toy around with the idea of going to ghost reported sights like the Dakota (apparently there's been a John Lennon sighting close to where he was shot), Mark Twain's old town house (apparently he's still trying to make people laugh) or Washington Square Park (which is reported to be built over a burial ground of over 20,000 bodies).

...But as much as I longed to be creeped out,I was zapped by a typical, very long, workday and we decided to spend our evening relaxing, ordering pizza, and watching a movie...I have to admit, it brought me a lot of joy to see all of the children scrambling from block to block, hitting every clothing store, restaurant, food market, with high anticipation that they'll be greeted with fists full of candy. They kept me entertained while walking over to the pizza joint.

A burst of energy suddenly came over me, in the middle of the night, after a pizza induced coma, that put me under way too early. I sat, in my dark living room, wondering if it was a mistake that I didn't at least try to get in a good scare. But once I turned on the light and grabbed my notebook, I had to ask myself, could I have actually found something, in New York, that was considered scary, this year?

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