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"It’s one thing to want it. It’s another thing to dream it.

But it takes an investment to become it."

A drafted blog I chose not to publish that documented my new found struggles of receiving every opportunity I wanted, but felt I couldn’t have in 2016. I was in awe and in shock all at the same time when the explosion occurred. I yearned for all of these platforms and now I have to deliver. And if someone would have told me last year that everything was going to hit me all at once in 2017, I would have rebuffed their prediction and accuse them of magical thinking. But it’s happening, it’s been happening since March...

The biggest learning curve of all?

Becoming what I've dreamt.

The biggest obstacle that accompanies this task?

Not being able to properly manage the time to achieve the goals on my terms.

Current pending tasks - There are several projects that are in the works with a theatre start-up that I felt could have been completed in a weeks time. However, corrections for certain pieces needed to be reworked, not to mention that marketing these projects will take some additional brain storming. What should have taken a couple of weeks is now turning into a couple of months.

The ongoing setback - This blog site. I want to rededicate my time to posting once a week, especially with our current climate regarding women’s rights in the entertainment industry. I would love to reveal my own experience in the rawest form, but three drafts later...there are still some things that I feel are not being properly represented, but should no longer be imprisoned by silence, either and it's taking much more time to process it all. I will not publish this story until it captures every detail of the situations I found myself discovering throughout my Hollywood years.

A new goal is born - I need to create the ability to showcase material through many different genres beyond essays. What I thought was going to be my next and one of my best blogs to publish, a month ago, is still in the early stages of being drafted because I’ve never told a life story like this before and couldn’t think of a better way to describe how a one week experiment revolutionized my mindset. There is still a lot of work to do on this project. It will take some time.

As I continue this journey of art and life in the making, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to post when I feel it is appropriate. I cannot guarantee that my goals will be met on a straight, narrow, path of an undisrupted focus. But what I can say is that the journey continues with goals being met, clearing a path for new ones to develop... and it hasn't stopped. And as long as I am willing to learn, acknowledge the mishaps and roll with the unpredicted, I don’t think it ever will. But I guess that is to be expected when you stop wanting and start becoming...

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