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I dedicate this blog to everyone I've spoken to last week. Thank you for the feedback.

It was bound to happen...Okay, well I shouldn't get too dramatic and call it the writer's block, but I did hit the wall.

No really, I hit the wall. So much so that my thoughts came to a sudden stand still, my body rejected my workout routine, my sinuses went haywire on me and while I wasn't sitting in a vacant, comatose state, aggravated by massive nasal congestion, I was sleeping every chance I could get.

Not all of this was bad. Actually, it was all part of a juggling act of new developments coming my way. I wish I could say more, but as of right now, I would prefer not to jinx it. Let's just say, I will be building my skills and new opportunities are scheduled to happen in the near future. This, I will say, consumed my mind more so than ever. And juggling changes and new developments while my body decides to reject everything my lifestyle has to offer, eventually, yeah, I was destined to hit this wall.

With that said, unfortunately, the project that suffered the deepest impact was my blog entry. If only I could put it, from pen to paper, what it was like to feel the brunt of the juggling...

In the end, with my back against the wall, the only thing I felt I could do was turn to others; talk to friends, to people in my field, get out of my own head for a second and let others share their moments with me.

I know this is temporary, most things are, but it still doesn't feel good - knowing that I don't have a blog entry, which for me, is a huge let down.

In the meantime, I have really enjoyed receiving your feedback and questions. Thank you for all of those who are encouraging me to hang in there and stay the course. And a special thanks to those who claim that I am not hitting the wall. I appreciate you being in denial so I don't have to be.

...Butterfly must land

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