Holidays in the Making

Holiday wine and candles

To : My Readers

May you be flooded with love, light, and happiness. May your season begin with the likes of mine where there is so much to say, so much be thankful for, so much to be so inspired you don't know where it begins or where it ends, so much in the air that you wish you can document it all in one breath as to not lose a single memory.

Yes, I am flooded and for the first time there is no outline, there is no observation, there is no analyzing, no critical thinking, it's all about feeling...And right now, it's all about feeling connected to the ones I love. I hope that everyone has a chance to experience this during the holiday season. I hope that I am able to take everything I am longing to say and perfectly piece it together to provide a moving work of art...But I guess, some things need to be experienced and processed before I am able to write...

Until then, be safe, may you and your families enjoy this holiday season.

From: Me

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