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Out of respect for our loss of the beloved, legendary artist, Prince, I decided not to post this yesterday...

Last blog entry, I promised an update regarding my progress. There were a few bumps in the road, but one very valuable lesson was learned: Having goals can be so rewarding when I don't give up.

On the evening of the April 15th, I found myself devastated that the combination of technical difficulties and discovering that the play I planned to originally submit for the contest was far too short to meet the requirements.

Around one in the morning, I decided to organize my files and back up my laptop (something I haven't done in years). I stumbled across my very first short play that I wrote seven years ago, based on a day of struggle when I first moved back to New York, in 2009. It was the right amount of length, I already prepared the character synopsis, I decided - Forget it! I am submitting this no matter what! I don't care if just missed the deadline by an hour!

I looked online to find the submission link. Low and behold, the April 15th deadline was crossed out, showing the new deadline submission date of April 17!! The determination paid off after all.

Throughout my life, I have been given the advice to simply give up, whether it was believed that I lacked talent or, my favorite, "You're attractive so you don't need to work hard to achieve a goal". From someone that does actually care about the quality of her work, I really don't feel that goals are appealing unless I have to work for them. There is something about rising to a challenge that is rather addicting.

Were there any moments where I wish I had done things differently? I'll admit, I am a terrible planner. And had I read the submission guidelines more carefully, I would have taken the time to better plan a submission strategy, maybe even go through other material I have written and provide multiple submissions to increase my chances for winning this contest.

In the end, I am left with the take away that life definitely threw me curveballs, this week. But that's not was is important, the importance is that I am keeping my eye on the prize and through all of the hard work, obstacles, setbacks, my gut instinct tells me that it is all going to pay off.

....To be continued

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