False Identification

Woman shocked from false identification

Following up on my "Return to Sender" entry , regarding my "arch nemesis", It was brought to my attention that I mislead my readers by identifying the subject, at large,as such.

My twin, who caught the tragic flaw in "Return to Sender", immediately informed me that from a fellow writer's perspective, an "arch nemesis" earns it's status by becoming a threat- given that they exhibit skills and accomplishments that are equal to (or better than) the protagonist.

This poses as an issue given that this individual does not possess a single skill that I wish to conquer. I do not want to be a liar, a manipulator, a negative entity who seeks pleasure in destroying work relationships, sleeps with the boss, an inferiority complex towards successful women, a raging temper that flares at the truth that they don't know how to run a business.


I actually called this person my arch nemesis?! What was I thinking?! Obviously, I wasn't, I was emoting. What this "person" contributes are not exactly skills of good quality. If anything, these are just the artifacts of dirty, rotten, politics - that tend to self destruct all in good time.

After all is said and done, if I'm putting the label "arch nemesis" to rest, then what's another label for this "person"? Honestly, name calling has never been my forte and I don't care to give it another thought.

But what I do care about is that I did a disservice to my work and that I owe my readers and myself an apology;

I'm truly sorry for calling this person my arch nemesis. It was never my intention to be so misleading...

But with that said, I am incredibly grateful that this subject has raised eyebrows and provided me with very wise feedback.

With that said, I really have to thank April for helping me see the light. Honestly, April, If I didn't know you, I would be very green with envy because you are such a talented writer...Imagine if we were rivals now that would be a very interesting nemesis factor! (Laughing) But all laughter and kidding aside, April is an example of my continuing desire to surround myself with those who are not afraid to dig deep, to question, to understand, and project their greatest attributes on this earth; love, light, and honesty. And it's those individuals that provide their greatest gift to my life - and that is to show me that I can be better and do better through any given obstacle...Even if it's just as simple as falsely identifying someone I once knew.

...thank you for the honesty

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