Butterfly's Landing: My New Job as a Writer!

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I dedicate this blog to my former real estate clients. You've prepared me for what lies ahead.

It's official, I'm getting paid to write! The feeling is odd, exciting, and yet VERY hard to stay focused for long periods of time, given that my new assignments are of following (at the moment):

1) Newsletters

2) Proposals

3) Media statements

4) Speeches

5) Social media marketing click bait

By the end of this year, if I keep this up, in addition to my other writing goals, the skills will be far more extensive on my resume than I thought...

Getting back to my original point, it is happening, I feel I can officially call myself a writer and it's a whirlwind that's consumed my life when I least expected. The whirlwind behind this new madness is that my new clients are indescribable...there are no words, their accolades stand alone...and I'm starting my writing career by representing these distinguished men and women - which is something that I could not even conjure up in my wild imagination. By respecting the privacy of my new clients, I cannot reveal their names, but I can tell you I am spending hours, daily, having to investigate medical research, award winning filmmakers, and as of lately Olympic medalists who have broken records and have made history on numerous occasions. My hands shake these days as I now find myself staring incredibly hard at the blank sheets of paper in front of me. It's no longer just about writing down a feeling or emotionally driven philosophies, I'm actually having to dive into the minds of how someone with decades of expertise would prefer to be represented, on paper, in their field. And that, for me, involves a lot of critical thinking before I can even think about allowing my pen to touch the paper. Yet, in a sick twisted way, I do enjoy this level of heightened anxiety. Perhaps I'm addicted to good old fashion adrenalin.

With all of this newness unfolding, I do have to ask myself, who would've thought? Yes, I wrote "Tempt!" yes, I write plays, but who would have thought that I would start my career by engaging in these particular styles of writing? I clearly got these jobs through submitting excerpts from my blog and looking back at Butterfly , I could not have predicted this current twist of fate. I started this blog, over a year ago, hoping it was going to "keep me in line" as I combated anything that stood in my way...

Anything that stood in my way...this is an interesting concept. What did stand in my way? Was it the situations or was it me? What if the blog served as a platform for me to "cross the line" from years of being under utilized? I find myself confronted by these questions by watching a revealing pattern projected by these ground-breaking individuals in my new environment. Although, they may come from many different fields, they do all have one thing in common:

They never stop.

It's more than that, it's as if they have embodied this mechanism of becoming energy rather than using energy. I sit, absorbing all of this and now I understand the journey my blog has shown me. To become energy requires a lot of digging - digging deep, digging for the truth, digging for the new, digging to the unknown...

The unknown...

The unknown has been a very uncomfortable place. It's "unknown" therefore, I know nothing, other than having a work ethic and the will to dig. And as uncomfortable as it is, I must admit there's something beautiful about the unknown. For me, it always has a tendency to position the question "What if?" and apply to any subject of desire. My blog for instance, what if it wasn't just a blog? What if I can finally piece together all of my other works of art and start merchandising? What if I could use this blog as a fundraiser? Needless to say, out of the unknown births newness and I am still trying to process all of this, piece by piece. There are a lot of questions that I'm asking that are still left unanswered. For example: what do I see that's new in me and how does it contribute to my life-long values?

Answer: I do find that rather than chasing numbers in terms of financial gain, I am chasing numbers in terms of viewership. Who's my audience? What's their age? What sparks their interest? I'd like to think that this new practice further enhances my understanding of people. I've always highly valued being around people; everybody has their own interesting story.

Perhaps that's what drew me to my real estate clients in the first place. When I was helping individuals find their home, they never failed to tell me something thought provoking about their own lives. If anything, this is what I will use as inspiration to dig to learn about my new clients. I know great newness comes with many mistakes. It will once again, feel uncomfortable as I pave the way to an unknown. I don't know if I will ever be comfortable in the unknown, but I will do my best to continue to dig...to become the energy...and most importantly...

I'm not going to stop

- Butterfly

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