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I dedicate this blog entry to all of my viewers and to those who have responded. Your feedback, love, and support is greatly appreciated more than you know.

So here I am...Last year, this actor was a first time writer and producer, who successfully shot a sitcom pilot with her co-creator and is now venturing off to what she can make of herself, while she pursues the entertainment industry. My goals are to finish the post-production of my sitcom while completing the development of my first full length screenplay.

With each entry, no excuses, I will document the progress made with all of my projects. This butterfly will take it upon herself that she must do at least one task per day towards creating progress to make her projects come to life. Make progress, but it must be creative and provide an outlet that can offer networking or tools to stimulate additional education as she continues her growing journey.

What am I doing about it? I am beginning this process by entering a 10 minute play contest, hosted by Broadway producer, Ken Davenport. If chosen, there is a cash prize involved and the plan is to use the prize as capital to finish the editing process of the pilot. If my play is not chosen, it will still be a rewarding experience for me, granted this is my very first time ever submitting a short play into a contest.

Is it a gamble? Only if I rely on it as the one and only shot at getting the funds.

What other plan do I have? Well...I guess you will have to wait and see...Copywriting may protect the written word, but it does not protect ideas.

In conclusion, I am left with these questions;

How is a goal being managed whenever there is an obstacle regarding time, money, ect.? What steps are being taken to transform this goal from vision to reality? Anybody care to chime in, with examples? Respond to me at writewomanworks@gmail.com.

...A progress is in the making


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