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I dedicate my first blog entry to my husband, to whom on Christmas Day blessed me with a journal filled with butterflies along the cover with the defining message - Like a butterfly, you can't work in captivity. And since choices were made and life happened, so did the captivity, subconsciously.

Like many beautiful, talented, creators in New York City, I have come to know, I had the "income job" while pursuing the outlets of getting that big break in the world of acting. A couple of years ago, right before my wedding, tired, frustrated, I swore I was done and I was on the road to pursuing a "real career". I got my real estate license, worked at a couple of firms and was actually really good. But somewhere along the line, I stumbled across an idea with a theatre friend of mine, where we were creating, funding, developing our own material and the growth that came from it was astounding, not to mention, the electrifying jolt of joy that re-emerged after being kept locked away too many years.

Once my creative work began experiencing delays in it's final stages of post production, I had nothing going for me other than real estate. I began to service clients 24/7, constantly wondering if I could ever get a day off. In a way I was at the mercy of the job, shackled by my financial responsibilities of paying rent and student loans on time, plus every agent needs to make money while there is still opportunity because the slow months - which are usually in the winter - can provide very little to zero income.

At the beginning of this year, there was a crash, not in real estate, but in me. An illness that raked my kidneys and bladder across the coals, forcing me to pump my broken system with antibiotics. One morning, frail and exhausted, I looked at myself in the mirror, it hit me; I can't eat, sleep and breathe a job that has nothing to do with me... And to be completely honest with myself, through my "real career" I was holding myself in captivity...and I was miserable.

I managed to take on a couple of temp jobs for survival income while my body was on the road to recovery. Suddenly, that fateful day came about that put me on this present course. On the Ides of March, with adrenalin and the thought of liberation pumping through my veins, I announced to my firm that today concludes my life in real estate! March 15th was my liberation day and now I thrust myself into the opportunities that come my way. For the very first time, in my life, I feel confident and prepared to seek to accomplish my own goals and build a resume I can call my own. I'm gleaming with constant juggle of excitement and fear, but deep down I feel that this is the place where I need to be. Putting together the resume, inspired me to take a different approach on how it should be prepared. The resume must represent me and not just represent my daily tasks. With this mindset, I took the initiative of documenting my favorite assignments throughout my job history and that positivity opened my mind to many different options for this job hunt.

Despite the fact that the career choice was not for me, real estate did provide a helpful tool that I no longer have as a responsibility; the urgency to channel a focus to provide instant solutions. Although this butterfly is now free, one essence that becomes rather dangerous is to fly aimlessly about. I am hoping that with this blog, I can provide that channeled focus for myself and do it on my terms by sharing my goals and documenting the steps taken to achieve them.

Furthermore, if this blog provides the blessing of followers who have life stories or have suggestions on navigating obstacles and achieving goals that they would like to share, please feel free to grace this entry with your invaluable gift and reply at writeWOMANworks@gmail.com I would love to hear about your journey. In the meantime, my goals are being set for blog entry 2.

To be continued...


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