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Red Raven camera on set

August 14, 2016, I published the blog The Girl in the Painting: The You Never Know Moments Conclusion. Although I couldn't go into specifics of what this 72 hour film project entailed, I will be the first to say that it was, by far, the most risk taking, nail biting, balls to the wall experience of all the 72 hour film challenges I have endured.

We had only 3 hours to shoot a sun rise shot, 6 hours to set up a bar scene, on location, and stage a massive bar fight. The first night, we began filming by, accidentally, setting off a fire alarm in a building because the fog machine just somehow managed to randomly do that, and due to unforeseen circumstances, we lost a last minute co-star and only had 10 hours to find a new one before the final morning of filimg...and this co-star needed to be a pet chicken.

I am thrilled to say that every ounce of energy and sweat really paid off because as of this past weekend, "Idle Worship" has now been released on Amazon Prime.

I am very proud to have served as Assistant Production Manager for this film and I am forever grateful to Jenny Paul and to everyone at 5lvin and PennyPants Productions. The cast and the crew were amazing and could not have served a better example to demonstrate to the world that hard work does pay off.

Please click here to watch Idle Worship:

Idle Worship on Amazon

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