A Lot of Firsts!

I have often heard it said that when it rains, it pours. Welcome to my life and what has occurred these past few weeks.

At the moment, I am having trouble piecing all of it together, so for now, all I can offer you are the visuals that will serve as the breakdown for the next few blog entries.

Remember how I told you that I will be documenting my journey back into the arts? Well...

scripts and sheet music

I booked two gigs, back to back. One of them being my first role, on stage in five years, the other pushed me back into my my music studies. For the first time, I relied on technology to help me relearn the basics of playing the piano.

Then the opportunity came to make more money...

model in Karen Millen and Lululemon

...modeling gigs kept pouring in.

Which gave me very little time to reflect...

Suddenly, an opportunity of a lifetime was offered to me and for the first time, ever, I was given a very emotional Bon Voyage party by my amazing colleagues. (More on that story coming soon!)

Then it was showtime!

Vaudevillage theatre poster at Stonewall Inn

Not only was it my very first stage performance, in five years, it was also my first time reprising a role! The performance was an unforgettable experience! (More on that, later!)

But first, I need to take a moment and rest.

Butterfly's landing...

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