10 States in 3 Days: Day 1

Do I recommend this?


Was it doable?

Um, it was interesting...

Being determined to be the most responsible bunny parents we could possibly be led us to the decision that we must relocate to Arizona by car. Of course, this came with a few details that needed to be sorted out:

How long will the trip take?

Where would we stay?

When should we be on the road?

How many hours per shift shall we be driving?

We knew that the trip was going to take us 32 hours (minus the stops and breaks along the way). Second, we knew we had to meet the U-haul truck to drop off our storage pod no later than 9am on Monday, June 10th - in the back of our new apartment building.

I don’t know how to drive a standard so it will be my husband’s sole responsibility to do all of the driving. According to his plan, he was determined to complete this drive in two 16 hour shifts. I immediately accused him of being irrational and doing this could put our lives in danger - especially since this trip would involve adjusting our hours to traveling at night.

Yes, from what I’ve gathered from traveling through the desert during my LA days, it was common sense among everybody that you should never drive through a desert, during the summer, in broad daylight. Those who’ve tried this have either experienced:

A) Parts is their engine melting


B) Their full tank of gas guzzled up in less than 15 minutes when trying to use the AC to keep cool, leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere

...So 16 hours per shift on the road with only 24 hours per day spares us 8 hours. Two of those hours automatically go to bunny care, two more hours are used to get gas, eat meals and shower, leaving us only 4 hours of sleep per night:

Not happening!!!

A heated dispute ensued and I was determined to figure out how to get us to AZ in a timely manner while keeping our budget and rest time hassle-free.

At the end of the day, we came to the conclusion that we were going to complete this road trip in 3 days:

Day 1: Bristol, Pennsylvania to Terre Haut, Indiana Estimated travel time: 12 hours

Mishap #1

We discovered that the Special Olympics were taking place in Terre Haute and all hotels were completely booked. We had to reroute out travels to Illinois, instead. Otherwise, everything started to fall into place.

Friday: June 7, 2019

Andrew woke up at 6am, I woke up at 7am and we were actively checking things off our lists.

By 10am, we were hitting the ground running, stocking up our last minute items at Walmart; gallons of water, fresh fruit and vegetable snacks, portable ice packs...we managed to get everything we needed in one store!


However, we didn’t properly calculate our time in terms of how long it was going to take to check out. By the time we got back to my in-law‘s house, it was an hour later than expected - plus additional time was needed to better organize our new items while making sure we still had plenty of room for the rabbit cages. In a blink of an eye, it was already 2pm and we had to go to Cafe Bombay, where the chef (a friend of ours) had prepared a special vegetable biryani that contained additional spices to keep us awake while on the road. We decided to eat a late lunch/early dinner while we were there.

Once we returned from the restaurant, Andrew and I had to take inventory of what needed to be shipped to us. After that came the normal cleaning and vacuuming that cones with the territory of having rabbits. All the strands of hay and bunny hair needed to disappear before our departure. Before we knew it, 4pm crept up on us...

Mishap #2

The 4 hour nap we had originally planned was now reduced to a 1 hour nap before getting on the road. It was 4:30pm before we were finally able to get some sleep...

One hour later, we were dressed and racing over to Calm Waters (my favorite coffee shop) where The owner had their strongest cold brew waiting for us before heading out west.

It‘s hard to put into words what all took place that first night...Thankfully, I took some video - thinking that this was probably going to be an epic trip:

To be continued...

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